Where is it?

TUSIX’s core switch (powered by Arista) is located at the Involta Tucson Data Center at 1215 E Pennsylvania St, Tucson, AZ.

What does TUSIX offer?

TUSIX currently offers 1GbE or 10GbE ports. There are no NRC or MRC fees for these ports. Larger ports are unavailable at this time but will become an option as TUSIX grows.

What is the Cost?

Each participant must have a cross connect from their space (or network provider) to the Internet Exchange switch. Cross connects must be single-mode fiber only and are available from Involta at standard rates of $125 MRC and $125 NRC (as of 1/6/23).

How to Get Started

  • Each participant will fill out a Participant Application Agreement form to get connected to the exchange.
  • TUSIX will issue the participant an LOA they can use to order the cross connect.
  • Once connected, participants will be put into a backwater network to assess the initial network connectivity to ensure that proper protocols are followed and that no harmful traffic (like unexpected broadcasts, loops or discovery protocols) is coming toward the exchange fabric.
  • Participants will be given IPv4 and IPv6 transit space for the exchange fabric and the IP address of two route servers for the TUSIX for BGP peering.
  • TUSIX route servers will accept BGP version 4 and will validate route advertisements against RADb.
  • TUSIX route servers will advertise valid routes other participants are sharing to the exchange.
  • Participants are encouraged and will be responsible for peering with other participants of the exchange bilaterally.
  • Participants must adhere to the TUSIX’s Rules and Policies.

Join the Exchange

With every participant and every connection, TUSIX grows stronger. Join TUSIX to contribute to faster and more reliable networks for all users. Together, we work toward our shared goal of improved internet connectivity.