A New Internet Exchange in Tucson

The Tucson Internet Exchange (TUSIX) is transforming internet connectivity and decreasing service costs by creating local peering opportunities and additional internet access points in the Tucson area.

TUSIX allows a range of participants—from mobile and content providers to internet service providers (ISPs) and users—to exchange internet traffic inexpensively through a shared switch fabric hosted in Involta’s Tucson data center. More direct peering opportunities mean less dependence on third-party carriers, which allows TUSIX to keep costs low by strengthening local peer-to-peer connectivity between participants. Data moves more quickly because it doesn’t have to travel as far.

The entire Tucson area can benefit from the more reliable internet connections formed by strategic internet users working together to improve local connectivity.

Better Business Connectivity in Tucson

Arizona has long enjoyed a favorable and growing business climate with beautiful sunny weather, low risk of natural disasters and easy-to-access capital. Despite these advantages, the Tucson area, like much of the nation, is dealing with workforce shortages, intense competition, market saturation and internet congestion. To address these challenges, TUSIX is working to improve local connectivity and reduce costs by facilitating efficient internet traffic exchanges among local ISPs, businesses and users.

Member Benefits

Access to Content

As TUSIX participants grow, the ability to attract local content providers will expand, which will help strengthen the IX.

A Strong Network of Participants

TUSIX participants work together to create faster network connections for all.

Improved Network Performance and Reliability

A more robust local network means data travels faster and more reliably.

Expanded Peering Capacity

There are ever-growing opportunities for private and public peering.

Local Traffic - Reduced Latency

When local traffic stays local, everything moves faster.

Reliable Network Connections

Switch fabric is housed in Involta’s purpose-built Tucson data center.

Join the Exchange

With every participant and every connection, TUSIX grows stronger. Join TUSIX to contribute to faster and more reliable networks for all users. Together, we work toward our shared goal of improved internet connectivity.